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The Garden of Our Hearts

In the garden of Eden, God wanted to walk and talk with Adam and Eve daily. He gave His life through His Son, so that we can be redeemed and reconciled to walk with Him daily too, just as He did with them.

Our relationship with the Lord, is just like a garden. Writers in the Bible refer to our hearts as the place where we commune with God. Dr Caroline Leaf reveals in one of her bookshow, from a scientific and medical point of view, our physical hearts have a section in them called a brain. This is in fact, the heart's own central nervous system that is directly connected to our minds. She suggests that this is where our reborn spirits are connected to and commune with the Spirit of God (in the brain of our hearts). This means that whatever we choose to believe or hold onto, during the time when we commune with the Lord, and spend time in His Word - will in fact have a direct influence on our minds (our souls). Our minds are in fact just like gardens, ready to receive whatever we choose to agree upon. They are known as the gardens of our hearts.

So as we personally spend time with the Lord, where He walks with us and talks with us and pours His love into us, in the brain of our hearts, everything we agree upon and choose to hold onto, immediately gets planted into the garden of our hearts, being our minds.

Spending time with the Lord, whether it's reading His Word, praying, worshipping or listening intently to a teaching, really any way we learn more about Him and His ways, directly influences our souls. As we meditate on the things we learn in our hearts, they are like seeds that begin to take root in the garden of our minds. They form strong holds, like a hedge of protection around it. The truth of Who God is becomes our belief system, our reality, and an impenetrable barrier that blocks the lies and fearful, doubting thoughts the enemy uses to penetrate our minds.

In Mark 4:24, we learn a very important key to nurturing and growing our gardens of intimacy with the Lord. It says that the measure of attention we give to the Word of God, will be proportional to the amount of virtue it produces in our lives. It also mentions that to those who choose to invest in the Word, more virtue will be given, but to those who don't, even what they have will be taken away, by force. Why? Because the truth about God and His ways, we hold onto, becomes a mighty fortress that protects our minds against the negative thoughts the enemy fires at us, thoughts that bring doubt and fear. If we have not invested in the truth of God's Word, when the calamities and storms of life do come, we have no protective fortress to hold onto. As a result, worry, doubt and fear overwhelm our thoughts, send our emotions into turmoil and influence us to make decisions based on fear and despair, and not faith in God's promises.