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Obstacle Illusion

What is an obstacle? Some might say it is something that is in your way that you need to get around. Glen Mcquirk says that obstacles are stepping-stones in disguise.

Every obstacle contains within itself ingredients for personal growth.

Avoiding obstacles is like digging out gold to make way for a tunnel. Few people recognize the treasure within the trials that they face in life until many years after the trial has passed. If obstacles are used to strengthen the gymnast, prepare the soldier, and improve the skill of the driver, why then do we want to avoid them? Obstacles are often the greatest and perhaps the only source of learning. It is through obstacles that civilizations have moved forward, innovations been developed, accolades awarded. Let us change the way we view obstacles. Instead of seeing them as our worst enemy, let's begin to view them as our greatest friend. Let us begin to seek out the rich and lasting lessons we can learn so that we can raise our performance and tackle new and exciting challenges with more experience and endurance.

Unused stepping-stones are often referred to as stumbling blocks.

Something has to lie between you and your goal so that it appears beyond your immediate grasp. You just need to observe the process that must be followed to extract precious metals or gems from rock: the more valuable, the greater the effort or obstacles that must be overcome to complete the extraction. So why do so many expect to achieve large and exciting goals without being faced with obstacles? After all, having some steps to climb along the way can take us to a great elevation. Every goal has its price. Those who negotiate a lower price will always be disappointed. The bigger your goal, the greater the obstacles you will be given to learn from. Expect obstacles. Be prepared for them. Are your obstacles going to be an elevator to your success or a pathetic excuse to justify your downfall?

Every battle leaves its mark, every wrinkle tells a story.

The best person to take into battle with you is the one with the most battle scars. They are tough. They know from personal experience what it takes to win the war. They are not afraid of the challenges that come their way; they have bounced back before and will bounce back again. Battle hardened, they can go without for longer, endure greater adversity, and they can smell the victory that lies beyond the obstacle. This drives them forward with greater determination. When you aim to pursue a goal that is big, overwhelming and that will take a lot of perseverance; surround yourself with people who don't know when to quit. People who buy into the vision 200%, and who have the attitude that there is no turning back. Make sure that you are this person.

The essence of an obstacle is the sweet smell of victory.

Every obstacle you overcome, every obstacle that you learn from, is a necessary victory that catapults you to the next viewing platform like the successful passing of an exam opens the door to the next grade. Fail the test and you will be presented with the same obstacle (disguised perhaps) over and over again until you capture its essence and can move forward victorious. The obstacles behind are often referred to as experience and people are willing to pay good money for this commodity. Obstacles ahead are just going to increase what you can charge. They will raise your value and increase demand for what you have. Never see an obstacle as anything other than an opportunity. Irrespective of how ugly it might look - to the trained and experienced eagle eye there is a beauty within that the wise will uncover.

Stop avoiding the obstacles that come your way - embrace them. Make the decision today that you will no longer run away from your obstacles but instead use them as stepping-stones to success!

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