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How do we break free from Hate and Anger?

Hatred might seem to have many forms but there's only one way to forgive. And for some, this 'hatred' becomes 'visible' from any distance. Whether it moves as a stray bullet, or slithering snake. We can't have one without the other. It is like rain and snow. Although it's evident we live in a devastating era where many are aware of Christ, and sadly not attracted to Him. People we need to draw closer to Jesus, we'll always be slaves to anger and hatred if we don't! We have to repent and seek Jesus every day. Only so, would we be able to see Jesus in everyone. And the first step in doing so is acknowledging we're sinners. If we don't do this, then who are we? What are we?


Be led by the spirit

God loved both the world and His Son, Jesus Christ so much that He had to sacrifice the one, for the other one to survive. And since God loved the world so much, don't you think we are expected to love this world and take care of it? We are also taught personally by Jesus that we should love one another. He didn't teach hatred. Nor did He allow His anger to lead the way. You see Jesus knew we'd struggle with this, so He sent the 'Comforter' and that's really what the Holy Spirit does. He comforts. But do we ever call upon Him?

Our bodies and minds are fueled by hatred, lust and greed and through this we're led away from the Spirit, and not drawn to it. Not led by it.

We grow envious of one another and that shouldn't be. Honestly speaking we're ought to encourage and love one another. We should be like remote controlled cars, where the Holy Spirit is the only one in control. For just as the car cannot function without the controller... so we too are lost without the Holy Spirit.


At times you'll find people who assume instantly that you hate them, either by the look on your face or the choice of your words. And although at times hatred are seen through the facial expression of a person, but bear in mind that hatred forms in the heart. (Matthew 5: 22)