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Sifaniso - Christmas with Sifaniso

Sifaniso is a South African born recording artist, residing in Australia, whose sound is a dynamic mix of soul, R&B and gospel. It came as no surprise that the album has not even hit store yet and already it was nominated best R&B Album by the Crown Gospel Awards. Certainly exciting times. Sifaniso's debut album, Akehluleki, was nationally released and distributed in April 2010 and continues to be sold in retail outlets across South Africa. Sifaniso's album won two Crown Gospel Awards and upon receiving the awards, Sifaniso was approached by Universal Music to be signed on as a songwriter for publishing.

The widely acclaimed album continues to receive national media airplay on popular radio stations in South Africa. His music video was regarded as one of the top played music videos of that year. In 2009, he co-created a musical play depicting the history of South Africa which toured Australia. The play received national media exposure on Channel 9, The Age and The Herald Sun. Sifaniso helped co-write a Zulu/English collaboration with Aussie rock band Evermore on a track called 'Lay your Weapons down.' Since then, Sifaniso has utilized his skills in big productions at home. This includes the Christmas Spectacular at Bridge Church in Richmond which is 4 performances for 5000+ people since 2013.

Sifaniso's long awaited Christmas album, simply called CHRISTMAS WITH SIFANISO, is finally here. He has taken traditional hits and put his own groove and twist on them. The genres range from jazz to soul to gospel to pop to rock... basically anything you can think of, yet it all works in perfect harmony. The single "Christmas Time" has a modern pop feel mixed with a warm sense of the traditional sounds of Christmas, something that the whole family can enjoy. A music video was also produced. "Christmas is about bringing families together, celebrating with loved ones and I wanted to capture my own version of that through this album." On the question of why he recorded a CHRISTMAS album, Sifaniso had the following to say: "I felt that there was a gap especially in the South African industry that needed to be bridged, none or not that many artists were doing a Christmas Album. I therefor felt it will be good to focus on the season and capture moments that are precious to most people. Christmas is a time of joy and happiness. It doesn't matter what obstacles families or people might have faced. Family members that have had issues with each other find it in their hearts to forgive and move on. Relatives or family members who have been apart due to a number of reasons make their way back home or fly across the world to be with their loved ones. There are also those couples or families who can't be with their loved ones because of certain reasons or circumstances like loss, work or distance."

In the album there are songs that speaks to that. For some of us who are Christians, this day goes beyond the gifts or presents but remind us of the ultimate gift that God the father gave us, Christ Jesus the ultimate display of His love to humankind. I thought on all of this when i made my song selection of the covers, songs that mean the most to me and help me capture and express all these moments. I also arranged them in a way that I hear them in my head, that though they've been sung before, they might have a touch of my interpretation.

I also wrote some new songs some that are Christmas songs and some that are open ended, and one gospel/ worship song. Some of these songs were included so that people can still listen to the album even after the season has passed. This album is intended for all and have a message that goes even beyond Christmas. masterfully produced by Joyous Celebration's Siyanqoba Mthethwa with Musicians also from Joyous Celebration, this is certainly an album that is already drawing the attention of the industry. Sifaniso's vocal capability is evident throughout the album as he renders with great flexibility from ballads to rock, funk and soul. This shows that Sifaniso is not just "another artist" but a wellrounded developed and capable vocalist with an amazing range and vision.