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The Artful Resolution

1 January 2016 and this day, and year ahead, is no different from any other past day or year: it is here and no one can change that fact. This day the sun will rise and it will set, and we will have to live, play it out and make of it what we can in a mere 24 hours. Within that small period of time we will be faced with more choices than we can even calculate or comprehend, yet they will have to be made. Choices can be likened to the course of the sun, and to any day: it is a fact, it will not change, and it will not go away.

It is great to know that there is something we are all able to change our attitude. Since it is January, let us talk about resolutions: whether we are standing at the beginning of a new year, month, week, day, hour or minute, we can, and in fact, must resolve on issues affecting our lives. So often we make those New Year's Resolutions (just the name gives it a formidable aura) only to find them discarded a day or week later.

In the aftermath of failed resolutions we tend to set ourselves up for even more failed attempts at getting things right according to the way we visualized them. My advice is simply, Ke Mojo, or, No Thanks! Forget giving your choices fancy titles and simply make them, one at a time, and consider them the building blocks of your dreams. Every now and then a faulty brick must be discarded, but it doesn't mean we have to demolish everything that's been built until then!

A new year always presents us with the opportunity to take stock of our own vision and the direction that our lives have taken and will continue to take in the time ahead. New Year's resolutions are really for the uninitiated in life since most of us realize that things promised at a turn-of-the-year parties often don't mean much the-morning-after. We start taking stock of over-spending and over-eating and of trying to forget our normal day-to-day responsibilities, and in this process we find little time to actually take control of those resolutions and see them through! While we are not making resolutions we are certainly giving our life vision a dust-off and a pruning.

People all over the world are living in personal lack because they fail to resolutely appropriate a vision for their life. We can ask ourselves whether or not we have a personal vision, a vision for our work or even a vision for our family. A wise king once remarked that people are actually dying because they fail to formulate a vision. Once we have a vision (simply a nice picture of what we'd like to see and achieve in our lives, work or family) we are able to strategize effectively and start taking the first steps towards realizing the great potential each of our dreams contain.

We have the freedom to choose our future based on the resolutions we make today. Today is no different from any other day: it has purpose and it has passion. Allow this day to define your destiny and colour in your vision. Constantly look for the edge, think different to become different, and let us get happy as we decide to stick to our decisions.