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Fool Me Once

FOOL ME ONCE is a fast-moving, multi-layered, multi-murder mystery, standalone novel which ticks all the boxes. The suspense keeps you guessing right to the very end and is sure to entertain the reader.

Maya Stern has suffered more than her fair share of tragedy. Her career as a U.S. Army helicopter pilot came to an end after whistle-blower Corey Rudzinski exposed the civilian deaths caused by her actions in Iraq. Even worse, her husband, Joe Burkett, is shot to death in front of her in Manhattan’s Central Park, though Maya is able to give a good description of the masked killers to an NYPD homicide detective. Maya is already dealing with the nightmares from her combat experiences and the murder of her sister, Claire, four months earlier while Maya was stationed in Kuwait. Then, weeks after Joe’s funeral, a recently installed nanny cam shows her two-year-old daughter, Lily, climbing onto Joe’s lap.

This book is such a spine tingling, page turner! It was hard to put this down and go about other things when I had to I would highly recommend this book to others. I really think that any reader who enjoys a cleverly plotted book filled with twists and turns will enjoy this one.