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The time has arrived: it is officially the middle of the year. More accurately, we 'celebrate' winter solstice on 21 June, making it the 'official' mid-point to the year we follow. This made me reflect for a while on the differences between time and non-time, or rather, the realm of the eternal.

While it is true that God created time, day and night and seasons for earth to be governed by (and by extension for all physical humans), it is equally true that there is an external realm outside of this. Now, God is eternal, and He has no beginning or end, and therefore He exists outside the realm of time. Since we share His Spirit, it also means that there is a dimension to the human race that exists outside of time. Perhaps that is why the Bible is so explicit in telling all people to use their time wisely, since, literally, it is like a spit in a bucket compared to the realm of non-time.

While all people are destined to be 'trapped' in the capsule of time for a short while, they will continue to exist post-physical form in a realm that has no beginning or end! The 'catch' is that the quality and standard of existence we are destined to experience after leaving the time capsule of earth, is actually determined by the quality and standard we set for ourselves while in that time capsule. Hence the choices we make, the attitudes we adopt and the actions we busy ourselves with are exceptionally important.

There are no seasons outside of time, neither is there day or night. Precisely because of this we should take careful note of the seasons we have been allocated, since they are few in comparison. It now becomes even more critical to make meaningful decision on what we spend our time on, or who we spend our time with! If we focus only on the stuff that comes (and will remain) on earth, even after we leave, then there isn't much investment into eternity. My meditations made me realize one thing - I need to focus on the things that are of eternal value and consequence. How about you?