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The Body of Christ

Mark 3:13-19
In the Gospel according to Mark we read how Jesus appointed 12 disciples to follow Him, and to go out and declare the good news with the power to heal sickness and cast out demons.

These twelve men impacted the world like never before, yet among them there was one who betrayed the Lord (Judas), one who denied the Lord (Peter) and another who doubted the resurrection (Thomas). In spite of their shortcomings they were still empowered by the Holy Spirit to change the world. We are experiencing this same world changing power in our beloved South Africa!

I've just returned from Bloemfontein where we saw the power of God manifest as we saw men, women, and children repent from a spirit of pride. No matter where we go thousands are turning to the Lord for the first time.

People often ask me if we are thinking about starting a Mighty Men organization - God forbid. We have enough Christian organizations, institutions, denominations as it is. The current revival we are experiencing is all about God achieving it with people, like myself, who are accountable to those they minister to. While I belong to a local congregation, I also have intimate fellowship with different church groupings and denominations; it seems that people from all walks of life are getting together to usher in the Kingdom of God. I was speaking to a man at the Bloemfontein campaign who told me of different denominations from ten towns that are praying together. Groups of ladies are praying for our Lord to intervene in our nation to bring peace and holiness all over. Young people on fire for God are working in the areas where they live - we are in revival!

Recently I spoke to 2500 men at a meeting in Worcester, England, of whom nearly 800 were South Africans. I also spoke at a huge cathedral in the London square mile to a predominantly Afrikaans speaking crowd. It seems that God is using South Africans all over the world to propagate His Word, to pray for the sick, and to see revival come. Many of these people are not theologians, but like the disciples are comprised of, among others, tax collectors, swindlers, and blaspheming fisherman.

I thank God for theologians and teachers of the Word that keep us concentrated on the principles of Christianity, but we are in need of evangelists to speak the simple truth and introduce people to the man from Nazareth. The excitement and love they find when meeting Christ personally will automatically draw them to the church. Remember, evangelism is simply one hungry beggar showing another hungry beggar where to find bread! Jesus showed the disciples where to find bread and then sent them out to find the hungry people; nothing has changes since Jesus wants us to do the same today.