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Bruce Marchiano

Bruce Marchiano is an actor, author, and international speaker best known for his actor's portrayal of Jesus in the Regardt van den Bergh film, The Gospel of Matthew. A highly acclaimed Gospel film that introduces people to an impassioned, intimate, and joyous Jesus, Matthew has been distributed across the globe, and has been used by numerous ministries, missionaries and churches for outreach and Bible study. Biblica (International Bible Society) reports that DVD distribution in China alone has long surpassed 1,000,000 copies.

As a popular Christian speaker in the USA, Europe, Australia, etc., Marchiano has ministered the love of Jesus in every imaginable setting from churches, universities, banquets, conferences... to prisons, high schools and stadiums. His message consistently centres on the person of Jesus—His heart, His love, His joy and goodness. Consequently, he has witnessed hundreds of thousands of people come to Jesus as Saviour and otherwise be overwhelmed by His love.
Marchiano is also the founder and president of Marchiano Ministries, a non-profit organization principally involved in South Africa where Bruce conducts crusades and outreaches, and provides humanitarian support to impoverished and at-risk children in the NW Province.

Marchiano's newest film, Alison's Choice, marks his directorial debut, and the message of the movie has been in his heart for more than a decade. "I've always wanted to do a film about Jesus' care, involvement and compassion in the midst of our human struggles." Alison's Choice is the story of a young girl struggling with an unwanted pregnancy. She opts for abortion and there in the clinic has a miraculous encounter with the Lord who has come to plead for both her life and the life of her baby.

"I felt it was important to introduce the heart of God - what would He say about it? What is He doing while we are all arguing about it?"

"I can think of no deeper struggle than a mom making a decision over the life of her baby. It's a decision millions of moms face every day so to say it is a relevant theme is an understatement. At the same time, most all we hear around this theme is political argument. I felt it was important to introduce the heart of God - what would He say about it? What is He doing while we are all arguing about it? I can't speak for Him but my best guess is He's pouring out His heart to these moms (and dads); His heart for them and for their baby". But Alison's Choice is about more than just this theme. It's about the depth of His love and care for each of us no matter our anything." Marchiano also produced and wrote the screenplay as well as reprising the role of Jesus.

"With no investors I reached out to the public, and everyday people from all over the world donated. The USA, Canada, South Africa, Chad, Netherlands, Romania, UK, Singapore, Australia, Argentina... you name it. Now the Lord is touching lives all over the world – all because of that "great gathering" of givers. They are the heroes of Alison's Choice. They are the ones we applaud!", says Marchiano.

When asking Bruce what message he has for South African viewers specifically, he added, "It's funny because I've been asked this question many times over the many years I've had the pleasure of making films and doing ministry in SA. I remember my first interview when I was asked this. That was back in 1993 in a small radio station in Cape Town. My answer today is the same as then: He loves you. There is nothing you can do to lessen that or make it disappear. He "hand-formed you in your mother's womb" - you're His "baby" so to speak. And His hope for your life is beyond your widest imaginings. We need only come to Him with our everything and never stop coming to Him... and thereby step into the fullness of all His heart is filled with... for you. This was the message of my first film, shot in SA, "The Gospel of Matthew." And this continues as the message of "Alison's Choice." Glory to Jesus! ".

Filled with humour, colourful characters, and Marchiano' s trademark care and compassion, Alison's Choice is being heralded as "a clear message of healing and hope;" "the most powerful film about the sanctity of life ever made."

This is ultimately a story of the Lord's remarkable grace, love, passion; hope, healing and "life" even in the most desperate of human situations.", concludes Marchiano.


As an author, Marchiano has penned several books on the life and person of Jesus. Among them are Jesus Yesterday, Today & Forever, Jesus Wept, and the bestselling In the Footsteps of Jesus, all of which have been honoured by the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association as Gold Medallion Finalists. Marchiano' s most recent releases are The Character of a Man, a character profile of Jesus as the model of true manhood; and Jesus, the Man Who Loved Women, an exploration of Jesus' heart for women.
Marchiano' s acting credits span decades and include numerous television shows and independent films including Murder She Wrote, Colombo, L.A. Law, Days of Our Lives; The Girl on Green Street and Final Solution, to name only a few.

Marchiano' s many Christian and Biblical films are too numerous to list. Popular titles include The Encounter, The Legend of the Candy Cane, Out of Jerusalem, Faith Happens, Road to Emmaus, The Last Supper, Encounter II, For Love's Sake, Revelation Road, Come Follow Me, My Son My Savior... to name just a few. Marchiano holds the distinction of portraying Jesus in more films than any actor in history. It is a distinction he holds as a great honour, having witnessed countless lives drawn to Jesus through these films.