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Commission Trips

"And He said to them, Go into all the world and preach and publish openly the good news (the gospel) to every creature [of the whole human race]." (Mark 16:15)

This recorded scripture is what we commonly call the "Great Commission", and it is to be fulfilled more today than when Jesus spoke these words. There is urgency for us as the body of Christ to go and preach the gospel to every creature. You see Jesus didn't only give the Great Commission to Pastors, Evangelist and Missionaries, but it was to his disciples - meaning his followers. That includes you and I today, we are His followers. And that is the opportunity that Commission Trips affords you - to not only read or pray about the fulfilment of the great Commission but to be a part of it.

We have One Goal and that is, Every Soul. On these trips we take teams to the unreached rural parts of South Africa and Africa with a specific goal in mind. We set up camp among the local people, sleep in tents, take bush baths and use long drops for bathrooms. Our day begins with at 6:30 with the cooking of breakfast, and preparing ourselves for the day ahead by having morning devotions. We then leave for the field doing door to door ministry as well as taverns, schools, clinics, hospitals, old age homes. Basically wherever there are people we are, giving them all an opportunity to receive Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour.I just love Mark 16:20 "And they went out and preached everywhere, while the Lord working with them and confirming the message by the attesting signs and miracles that closely accompanied {it}." Signs, wonders and miracles will always follow the preaching of the word - no matter who you are. If you preach the gospel, God will confirm the message. I have personally been on more than 16 Commission Trips but I will never forget my first trip.

We went to a Village called Mdumbi in the Transkei. Before we evangelized, we visit the chief of the area to introduce ourselves. We explained to him who we are and asked permission to minister in his village. When we arrived at his hut, he was as good as dead - by then. He had been bedridden for 4 months. The Holy Spirit just led us to minister healing before anything else. We asked him do you believe that Jesus can heal you? And he said "yes I believe". We laid our hands on him and I put my hands on his back and he repeatedly said the pain is gone, the pain is gone, the pain is gone and he got out of his bed. But what really shook me was he looked at me and said when you put your hand on my back I felt the pain leave - I just went out of the hut and started crying. Till this day I will never forget the words the Holy Spirit whispered in my ears "I am not a respecter of man but of my Word, preach my Word and I will confirm it". The awesome thing was the news of the chief getting healed spread like wildfire in the village and every house we went to, people were receptive to the Word because of what God had done for their chief.

Leading people to Christ never gets old. Seeing people get healed from various sickness and disease is beyond my understanding. One cannot grasp in the natural the awesomeness of God his majesty and wonder. He uses a willing vessel - anyone who has faith as small as a mustard seed to perform the works of his hands... Many people that have been on a commission trip for the first time with us - leave with a fresh revelation of who God is in and what He can do through them. They come with an idea of "we going out to reach the people" but meanwhile back at the ranch God does so much in them. Where there is a pouring out, God will always pour back into the vessel.

"he who waters shall himself be watered" (Proverbs 11:25)

We also run customized trips for churches, youth, young adult groups or your bible school students - based on your available dates and budget. In 2014 alone we were in 11 communities and saw more than 52 000 souls translated from the Kingdom of darkness to the Kingdom of Light and yet there is so much more to be done as Jesus said "the harvest is plenty but the workers are very few" and my prayer is you will purpose to step out and do more for the kingdom and the best way to start is being part of the team fulfilling the Great Commission.

Reinhard Bonkhe says, "The gospel is eternal but we don't have eternity to preach it, we have as long as we live to preach to those who live as long as we live! And really if we don't do it, who will? If not you, then who? We are the generation to change this generation!"