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Saying Yes

Having to take the stand and say YES to the call of God is possibly the biggest decision of my life I have ever made; committing my life to Christ wasn't as hard because I grew up in a Christian home where serving God was a lifestyle...

I received Jesus into my heart at the early age of 7 the only thing I can really remember from that day is weeping intensely not know what was happening to me, I was crying but I wasn't sad? What is going on with me? Am I going crazy? That's the question that went through my head at that moment, only to later on find out that it was the tangible presence of God touching me, it was so gentle yet firm and loving something I never felt before and something I would never forget!

Fast forward 2 decades later I find myself in that position again where I'm crying out Lord what am I supposed to do? Where is my life going, I'm sure doing beauty treatments is not the be all and end all of Tammy? I found myself in place where nothing else could satisfy me other than the presence of God and it's in those moments he spoke to me reminding of the things he told me about in 2005 when I went on my first missions trip to Argentina, but still that wasn't enough to make me leave everything I was doing and be obedient to what he has called me to do, and yet again he brought to remembrance a word he gave me in Malawi in 2007, Isaiah 43 vs. 1 But now O Jacob, listen to the Lord who created you, O Israel the one who formed you says, "do not be afraid, for I have you ransomed you, I have called you by name you are mine".

The first time I read that scripture I remember thinking to myself "what benefit could I really add to the kingdom"? I am 19 years old a qualified beauty therapist I need to go into the "real world" and make money I can't go work for a church now I've got my whole life ahead of me, I need to experience life and make money! That was the worst thing I could have done, slaving away in the world system working Monday to Sunday 9 to 6 not having time to even get to church! being outside of the will of God is the most expensive thing I have done, it cost me financially, mentally, physically and most importantly spiritually, its only through the Grace of God I made it through its His grace that has kept me even through my disobedience.

Amidst everything that has happened in the last few years the call of God has been a constant all it required from me was to say YES! Which I did in 2013, I can seriously not look back on my former life, God has done so much in me it's crazy! He has completely changed my character and overall persona I use to be very emotional, no really though everything was based on and came out our my emotions which made me a very miserable person there were times I would be so offended because not everyone knows how to handle such people, to be honest I don't know how to handle such people now?! When you completely surrender your life to God withholding nothing is the most rewarding thing you can ever do. The Missions Training Program challenged my Character as a Christian, when they say "this program will stretch you mentally, spiritually emotionally and physically" they really mean it! I have never experienced anything like it before, it has taught me to live a life completely based on the Word of God it has taught me the fundamentals of Godly Christian living... one would think growing up in a Christian home I would have had that down? But no church to me back then was a religious event and a chance to dress up for the week, sad but true. Diving into the word of God like we did during MTP has certainly changed everything to what I thought being a Christian was all about.

My life lesson in all of this is being obedient to call of God saying YES even when things in the natural does not make sense, one the books we did during my training to become a missionary was excellence in ministry by Kenneth Copeland he makes the statement "the most expensive the thing on the planet is being outside of the will of God" and the truest thing I've experienced in my life. My challenge to each and every person reading this weather young middle aged or old if God has called you, be obedient to call of God and say YES! You will not regret it trust me, life has not been more exciting than now, do not worry whatever you are worrying about if its God will its God bill! Just say YES and watch him do the impossible in and through your life go ahead and give him a try you will not regret it, if he did for me he can and will surely do it for you!