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From the Editor

The mind is a wonderful machine, if I can call it that. It is capable of the most astonishing feats, performing millions of computations every second that we breathe. While medical science has assisted us in identifying brain activity related to various stimuli, we are no closer to understanding the complexities it contains.

It is also amazing to think that our entire relationship with God is all "in the mind!" We interact with people and our surroundings more in our minds than out of it. The physical reality of our experiences is a mere surface, ripple effect of something much deeper and more intricate.

No wonder God is so concerned with our 'heart', which really is speaking about the contents of what is in our mind; and by extension speaks about the physical manifestation of a thought. It is easy to understand the concept of "what the heart is full of the mouth will flow over." Our actions are determined in our mind a long time before we are confronted with that. Joyce Meyer's bestseller is title "The Battlefield of the Mind," and that is what we face every day.

So, when we start to consider the strategies we implement to ensure we experience the lifestyle we desire, we have to go back to the beginning or examine the root issues. We find ourselves confronted with habits (what the Bible calls strongholds), both good and bad. Scientists tell us that the pathways that are formed in the brain are in fact these habits. It stands to reason then, that it would be as easy to get into a habit, as it would be to get out it. When we find ourselves in a situation we dislike we have the power to change it around!

The apostle Paul writes in his letter to his friend Timothy that God has given each person the power of a sound mind, which is strong enough to counteract any negativity or fear! We could deduce then that every person is powerful enough to use their mind to live the life that they are able to envisage. What makes this discovery all the more wonderful is that Christ promises to give us more that what we are even able to think up, hope for or think!

A critical point in all our lives is then to ensure that our minds are powerfully functioning to the glory of the Creator. This means we must be extremely cautious of what we allow to enter into our minds, by way of sight, sound, touch and smell. Principally we should guard what we look at and what we listen to. Having become sensitive to the input we set ourselves up to make choices that will be for our benefit and not our harm. When we benefit in this way, we can be a benefit to those round us; and when this happens we live in the fashion that was designed for us by God. In this perfect circle, we find ourselves in a place where we can demonstrate our love towards God and our fellow man, even as we have learned to love ourselves.

All of us have certain pathways (strongholds) embedded in our mind that needs to change for us to live the life God saw at creation. It calls us to a constant renewing of the mind that will help us to live in that place that is acceptable to our Creator. So, what exactly is implied with 'acceptable?' Well, I think it is that place where we can experience the fullness of our purpose, which is what really makes God smile. How about that? Are you ready to live in a way that will make God smile?