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Easter is often regarded as the most important, celebrated Christian event on the calendar. For many followers of Christ this time is regarded as the most holy of days to be remembered and honoured, and is often regarded as more important than Christmas.

Christians celebrated Easter as a remembrance of the greatest sacrifice the world has ever seen, namely, the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Debates rage on over whether or not these dates are accurate, and whether the pagan rituals happening around the same time have tainted the religious validity of the Christian celebration. Whatever the debate, it remains a time of focussed celebration to the goodness of God.

As with all other important festivals and celebrations, we notice the steady and increasing commercialization around things that are sacred. Is the hype really worth it all? It is perhaps a relevant question for us all to ask, even at this time, when faced with yet another financial layout to fund chocolate eggs and bunnies, and more recently even presents and other extravagances. Has the time not perhaps arrived where we take stock of our own values and beliefs and settle down to a quiet time of reflection?

According to historical sources Christ entered Jerusalem on the back of a colt, a modern day version of a sports car. At the time the most common mode of transport were feet, followed closely by horses, camels and donkeys. When travelling on water boats were the order of the day unless one's name was Jesus, when yet again feet were sufficient!