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To all our readers who are mothers, grandmothers, great-grandmothers, aspiring mothers, just-born-and-growing-to-be-a-mother - a really blessed Mother's Day!

Blessed, not in the sense of a commercial overdose, but blessed in the true sense of the word. Blessed means to have joy and be happy while being successful and prosperous in all endeavours of life! You deserve it.

As the world celebrates this special day there is much laughter and great happiness and a general sense of appreciation, gratitude and thankfulness. At the same time, however, we are also called to take note of those who are not participating in this general atmosphere of celebration. There are those mothers who are grieving a loss of a child, there are those in hospital having just experienced an abortion, even others with tears of frustration on their faces at yet another failed attempt at falling pregnant.

Each of these women will be the sum total of their life's experiences up to that point, each one having tasted different circumstances, each one surrounded by the vastness of life itself, in whichever form. Yet, despite circumstances and choices, at heart each one remains fully a woman. And perhaps this is what we'd really like to celebrate with you this month: living fully as a total woman!

We celebrate your womanhood with you. We take pleasure in your infinite ways of expressing your femininity. We are content to participate in a small part of your life. We take joy in the fact that God, after seeing it was not good for man to be alone, came up with a brand new design that He deemed good!

Hey guys, just as you thought of putting the magazine down, have no fear as we have not forgotten you! Let us take note to also live our lives fully as only men can. And let us, together with the great women in our lives, build cohesive families that are strong and united in love. Make your home a palace of peace, a lair of love and a castle of contentment. We make a stand for a social, cultural and spiritual change to see families restored in all aspects.