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Book Synopsis - Hiding in the Light

Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all feature parallel accounts of the 'end times,' and all three accounts feature a messianic Saviour, an apocalyptic final war between good and evil, and a central role for the city of Jerusalem. Do these three 'end times' scenarios intersect in some way? In a world that cries out for peace, which will prevail - Jesus or jihad?

We live in a world changed forever by 9/11 - a world still very dangerous, where Westerners in general, and Christians in particular, remain targets of terrorism. People are wondering: What next? Is there any hope for peace in the world? Or is terror our destiny?

Bible-believing Christians have even more questions: What does the threat of Islamic extremism mean in terms of Bible prophecy? What do today's turbulent events in Israel, Palestine, Egypt, Syria, Iran, Iraq, and Russia mean in prophetic terms?

In Jesus, Jihad and Peace, Dr. Youssef provides answers that are concise, biblically accurate, and targeted on the challenges that confront us in a world that is increasingly fraught with peril.