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The Never Ending Supply

Paging through our local community newspaper revealed a story about load shedding. Don't get irritated now, this is going somewhere good! The story was a real eye opener to me because I can't help but feel rather well educated around our country's electricity needs but totally in the dark around what's happening with our water supply. The article continued on with how much rain we need versus how much rain we actually get, and a whole lot of other technical data that seems to suggest that we're in a lot of trouble. It's not an insane thought to ponder that we might need to load shed our water supply in years to come.

There was a whole lot more of the doom and gloom as the article droned on, and I got lost in the thought of having to sit without water for 2 hours right when I needed to flush or shower or make another cuppa. Ah, those first world issues. So it would seem that there might arise yet another agent to add some more inconvenience to our already strained lives. We don't want it. We want things to be better, and our desire is bigger than our supply of water, or electricity, or cell phone signal. We want to be paid more, and we want to matter more. We want to be noticed more and we want to be needed more, and it can't come quickly enough. Call it vanity or greed or a lack of contentment or a curse of the human condition, or whatever, but the Well of Want just better stay full and continually pump out a steady torrent of supply because we are waiting and we want it now, and we want it thick and fast!

In yet another one of those paradoxes of life, it has occurred to me that at a spiritual level there is none of this supposed lack, and there is also, not nearly the same desire for what is available to be given. When it comes to our bank balances, demand seems to be higher than supply, to an Everest's degree, yet, God promises to be an endless supply of spiritual sustenance, but most don't want enough of what would actually never run dry. It's bizarre. It's like receiving an enormous gift, wrapped beautifully, with a big shiny bow on the top, and all you do is tear off a small corner of the wrapping paper, to expose the box underneath and you leave it at that. You know it's good, but whatever. God has an overwhelming desire to supply our needs out of His glorious riches in Christ Jesus, but do we want it enough?

God wants to pour out on us the best of what He has for us and the supply really is without end. He has an eternal supply of hope, and love, provision, healing and more, but we just want to wade in it up to our ankles. We don't even feel the need to roll our pants legs up. Why? Why not want more of what can never run dry, never be load shed, and always be precisely what we need and have it fill us to overflow? It must baffle God's mind. It doesn't, but I imagine He must react somehow, as He ponders our lack of wisdom and spiritual insight. Can God scratch His head? We are not people that are easy to please. We are seldom content, and are always complaining about something. Have you noticed how our whole day is flip-turned upside down when someone is really hopeful and positive? We treat them like they're odd.

No man, we're the odd ones. We are the ones that have it all mixed up. True contentment comes from knowing the Giver and trusting the supply. Let's start to yearn after what really matters and can actually satisfy. It begins with a nervous smile as we acknowledge that we mostly have things all wrong, and then go to a loving Father with an attitude of 1 part desire, mixed with 2 parts expectancy, all stirred around with a spoon of faith. You'll love the way it turns out.