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The Calling Part 2: Finding the Truth

My hope in life came after I started to spend more time studying the word of God, trying to put back my brokenness together. What I have experienced in my quest to finding the truth was that there was so much ignorance out there, and so much secrecy and lies. So I made this journey of mine quite personal. I invested all my time to search for the answers from God's perspective so my questions were no longer directed to traditional elders anymore but straight to God. It is wrong to think that all ways of worship are acceptable to God. Many have without knowing it become worshipers of demons, and partners of demons, "participants with demons."(1 Timothy 4:1) reveals that those who leave true Christianity, and follow false rules, are actually following teachings from demons. Peter foretold that "many" would be deceived by false leaders who had once been Christians (2 Peter 2:1-2).

Our tradition teach us doctrines that doesn't represent God, there is an influence of idolatry and worshiping other gods in the call of Ukuthwasa. Does this mean that we believe a lie? Does this mean that we Africans have second rated Christianity because in all this form of Ukuthwasa teaching we are still Christians and still using the name of Jesus? Africans have been led astray, some know the truth but still refuse to repent and follow the truth, feeling like they are forsaking their forefathers who have crafted this form of belief. Jesus said that "many" use His name but disobey what He commanded (Matthew 7:22-23). By accepting other doctrines it means that we are falling away from the true doctrine which is the Bible. There is nothing wrong with culture but if the worship is based on other things then it must be questioned.

"...and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free." ( John 8:32)

We are all made in the likeness of God and God is in us all. We go through this chapter in our lives of searching because we want to know first of all the truth, not myths, not made beliefs but the whole truth about God and nothing else but the truth. And all of us whether we believe this or not, we have this longing inside us where we want to connected somehow with God hence so many denominations, traditional beliefs and belief systems. If we deny accepting the truth which is the word of God, for the sake of pleasing people or crowds, then we will end up losing the only thing that can lead us to God. Without the truth there is no hope for anything at all. I made this reference of the truth because, I was led astray, and I was lied to. I could have made my decision based on lies of what the call of Ukuthwasa was without even realising it. I didn't know that by worshiping river gods and ancestors I was actually neglecting God. But I am glad to have found the truth in the Bible The reason there is so much misunderstanding and misconception of the true call is that, we are been led by untruthful leaders who lead us to destruction because of lack of knowledge or for some, they are just hiding the truth due to covetousness and greed. People are lost and are without the truth. We should first let the Word of God build our understanding to guide us to knowing that truth and living that truth then and only then we will we be able to minister to others. The Word of God is our truth without the Word of God we will be speaking worldly wisdom or insights, but when you are called to be a spiritual person, you do not just speak everything that pops into your brain, there should be wisdom in you that comes from above and it only comes from the Word of God. "Jesus said, "I do not do anything that my Father doesn't do." ( John 5:19). This shows us that Jesus consulted first with God.

Jesus reacted after receiving from God. Even today, our daily walk should be governed by that truth. There are many bogus traditional practitioners on the rise because of lies. People's lives are more miserable due to the lies that these people tell. Even the ones believed to be genuine are losing their ability to heal because of the lies they tell people. This only shows that the spirit that is at work in Ukuthwasa is not a good spirit. If it was, people will be at harmony, not misery.

God's Word is the truth and our compass. It directs us. It shows us areas in us that need to be corrected. To know the mind of God, the thoughts of God. We do not need to read the dead bones or sea shells (commonly known in the Ukuthwasa tradition as Ditaola). The word is our mirror; we look to it to find ourselves. Once you accept the truth which is the word of God your spirit will be at peace. I have seen so many people who have graduated from the call of Ukuthwasa not healed - "They are not free", meaning the truth is not yet in them. They are still struggling to strike a balance from the spiritual and the natural; they have not yet found their common ground, "Holy Ground". I know this because I was once in that same position. We have a perfect, truthful spirit and if we compromise the truth in any way, it shows. Our inner man gets troubled and the suffering gets intense and starts to show outside until when you correct that which stands in your way to finding God. The spirit of God convicts us to righteousness and rightful living and if we are stiff neck we experience strifes. That is why it is important to be in shape and in the form of God by allowing His spirit who is our helper to lead us to all areas of life and spirituality and teach us the truth of God. Jesus is our truth. He said in John 14:6, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life". "No one comes to the Father except through me".

The truth of the matter is the Bible was given as an inspiration about God so that we can know His ways and His will for our lives. Since Satan is not permitted to force us into wrong worship, he tries to fool us into it. He tries to deceive and mislead us. Why would anyone teach things that are against God's Word? Some may do it selfishly - for money and power. Others may be holding on to the respected "tradition" of their people. Whatever the reason may be, most do not fully realize the harm they are doing. And these wrong teachings block the way to true destiny with God. Finding the way is like having a map that gives us direction of our life. Without knowing the truth you seldom reach your true destiny, because you have no direction from God. People fail in life, they settle for less and get lost and destructed, and the truth helps us to be focused. The word says in 2 Timothy 2:15 "Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth".

Trust the word to find the pieces to your puzzle.