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Prophetic Faith

From the very beginning of time the God of all creation caused a space of non-existence to become a place of life and destiny. He took what was without shape or form and one word at a time, created a perfect universe and all it would encompass. You are the product of the words you speak daily. Since the moment time itself was established until time will come to an end, the same principle of creation is set into motion. A word is spoken and a thing is established, only this time, the words that bring forth substance are from the mouths God's chosen creation. Every man paves his own destiny, good or bad, fruitful or fruitless by the words he speaks.

You and I may be at a point in our lives where we feel dissatisfaction concerning the path or direction our lives may have taken, or may seem to be heading in the future. We blame circumstances, misfortune, other people's actions or attitudes, even God Himself for the position we find ourselves in today. The truth is, today we are the product of the words we spoke yesterday and tomorrow we will be exactly what we speak today.

A Mystery of Great Price...

I am about to share a mystery of great price with you. It is a valuable key that will unlock Divine wisdom and will set your life on a different course, should you choose to apply it. It is the mystery hidden for you by your Creator since the start of time. If you are tired of gambling through life, being at the mercy of circumstances and of others, this message is for you. Now is the time to change your destiny, take charge of your future and embark on the journey of a lifetime.

The Spoken Word of God

To fully understand this well-kept secret, we will go straight to the Source of creation itself: the spoken word of God. In Hebrews 11:3 we are reminded that God's words brought the worlds into being. The term "word" is taken from the Greek word rhema, which describes something that is spoken beady and vividly in unmistakable terms and undeniable language. The word rhema carries the idea of a quickened word.
Now an example of this quickened word of God is what rises up within our spirits ant hearts when we read a portion of scripture that just seems to jump out at us. Even though we may have read that verse many times before, it suddenly has a depth of meaning and value to us as never before.

For the first time, that scripture brings such a clear understanding to us and it feels as though the inside of us has lit up and a thrill of excitement begins to bubble up within us! We call this a revelation! The word of God has now passed from being just good words written in a book to your own personal revelation! God's quickened word spoken from the Holy Spirit within you has highlighted and confirmed the written word of God you are reading. In fact what you have just experienced is the birthing of a very powerful force inside of you called faith!

Don't Repeat it, Believe It!

Hebrews 10:23 urges us to hold fast to the profession of our faith! "Profession" comes from the Greek word homologia, which means "to say the same thing." To make this a little dearer, let's consider a writer. When an author writes an article, his thoughts, convictions and beliefs are printed on paper. If you read his book and agree with what is written, being his words, then you are actually agreeing with the author himself, because those words represent what he thanks and believes. You may, in fact, agree so much with the writings that you take the author's viewpoint and began to hold it as your own conviction and before long you and the author are aligned in your thinking and believing.

The word 'profession' is not the picture of someone who simply repeats what someone else has said; rather it is an Individual who has gotten the Word of God into his head and has come into agreement and alignment with what God says. This person sees what he has read as God sees it, hears it, and feels it.
He has the same conviction, conceding the words he has read as God does! And so, when the believer begins to confess or profess the word of God he has read, it is powerful because it comes from a deep place of conviction inside his heart

Words that are spoken from the conviction of the heart and are in line with God's heart are words of faith! The person has in fact spoken out the revelation that has come from the quickened word of God within him that is in total alignment with the written word he has read! The conviction of God has become the conviction of man and when that conviction is spoken out, it causes those words to take on creative form and shape and what was not seen, becomes visible! That which was hoped for now has substance! Because words that come from the conviction of the heart and are in line with the conviction of God's heart are words of faith! It is these very words that have the power to create.

Just as God's words created the universe, your words of faith create the world you choose to live in! That which was hoped for now has substance - prophetic faith is what we are called to live by, a faith that has the power to speak and create the future! Nothing happens in the kingdom of God unless something is said. And the promises of prosperity, success divine health and a life full and well worth icing is only going to become yours when you align your thoughts, convictions and beliefs with God's word. And when you speak out those powerful convictions you become the prophet of your own life! You activate the kind of faith that paves the future.