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Questions and Answers with Dee Henderson

1. Tell me about your most recent novel Taken. What's the story about?

Taken is the story of Shanon Bliss, who went missing when she was sixteen. Years have passed. She has just contacted a retired member of law enforcement. She wants to go home. Taken is the story of the next three weeks. Matthew Dane and Shannon Bliss are compelling together. He's helping her navigate a journey that only a few people ever experience.

2. Why did you decide to write Taken?

I wanted to write a story focused on a crime victim, to walk with her through the process of taking back her life and rebuilding a future. There's something unique in the spirit of a survivor that makes for a compelling story. Shannon is no exception. What she learned about God, how she handles family, how she deals with and navigates other people's expectations, is a window into how we all handle life when it doesn't go as we had hoped. She had to make some choices that most people will never face, and it was fascinating to watch her journey. I love the fact she could be optimistic about life in the midst of what was going on.

3. Your stories often have an underlying message about life or about God. What did you discover while writing Taken?

What I discovered is this: No matter how many years have passed by with a life you didn't want, that isn't the end of the story. You still have time to look forward and see a different future. God can do what seems impossible. You still have time to get there. This book is mostly one of promise, of expectation, of wonder, as sometimes life can surprise you with good, too.

4. Where can a reader learn more about Taken and your other books?

The first chapter of Taken and my other books can be found at the website

5. Taken is your 20th novel. What comes next?

I like to explore how people handle life. Right now I'm working on a short story about a man whose mother goes missing. Those sudden full-stops that happen in our lives, when the road takes an unexpected turn, reveal what is most important in our lives and why. Love is a major deal, and the love between a mother and a son is one of the strongest forces around.