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We live in an age of overt political correctness where societies have become the breeding ground of opinion. The extremities of being politically correct has seen ‘man' and ‘woman' become ‘person', and has also seen the rise of very opinionated human rights activists.

At a basic, level human rights and the ensuing freedom granted to all people through its proper application is a great tool to restore human dignity and pride. Fact remains, however, that the issue of human rights is open to abuse when viewed in the context of a society that has become permissive for the sake of political correctness.

It has been said that we live in an information era, and that is certainly true. The challenge our children face today is not to get information but rather to attain the skills necessary to process that information. Google any topic of your choice and you will have millions of possibilities, answers and proposed solution in the space of a second or two (longer processing is necessary for dial-up users!) To get the information is relatively easy, but the process is rather more complex.

I'd like to draw a simple analogy between an internet search and human rights. There are as many opinions as there are people on earth; each of these voices have a right to be heard regardless of whether that voice is speaking the truth or a lie. In a context of political correctness no single voice may be ignored as this would constitute an infringement on that person's rights.

Here's my opinion for the record: without some set of absolute standards, ethics and morals, the population of earth will have a problem! While it is my human right to protect my children from what I consider to be detrimental to them, a paedophile's view on his or her rights to my children would differ. While a politician may consider it a right to receive a commission for certain services rendered to the public, the justice system may find it within their rights to prosecute the same politician for fraud.

The debates ensuing from human rights, political correctness, freedom and bondage will rage on long after you and I have departed earth! Perhaps since it seems to be a human tendency to complicate matters, Jesus Christ summarized, simplified and lay to rest all debate in this regard. He gave us advice, that should we choose to follow it, many politicians, activists and terrorists would be without a job! The advice? Treat all other people in the same manner you wish to be treated.