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There is a universal 'glue' that keeps together relationships spanning business as well as personal arenas, and it is this 'glue' that will determine, in every instance, the success of that relationship. I am, of course, referring to communication. Communication is the one essential ingredient that we simply cannot do without. Speak to any business partner who finds themselves in a position where they are left out in the cold after a failed partnership and they will tell you that things started going awry when effective communication was no longer a part of the deal. Or speak to any person who is facing the agony of divorce the reason why the lawyers and courts will have business again is again due to a lack of communication between the couple. Speak to any one in a parent-teen relationship that has seemingly soured overnight and the cause of the 'wheels coming off' will inevitably be blamed on the lack of communication.

We communicate with one another on various levels, and each of those affects us deeply. Billboards and full-page advertisements in newspapers communicate their messages to us daily, whether good or ill. The movies we watch and the music we listen to, the television soapies some are fond of and the books we read all carry a message; these messages are communicated to us and determine the future choices we will make. Corporate or personal, business or social, spiritual or physical, these messages are an integral part of who we are.

My Faith Magazine explores the depths of this topic in detail and we trust that our readers will find food for thought in each of the articles and viewpoints. We believe that ultimately the source of effective and positive communication finds its source in the family structure, where an environment conducive to making mistakes without fear of criticism lays the foundation for future relationships outside the family boundaries.

Rick Warren posted the following comment on his website for leaders which I would like to share with you: "Today, our culture idolizes entertainment, sports, business success, political power and prosperity. While these have their place, Jesus did not die for any of these things. He died for the people that you care for, feed and lead... we (tend to) forget that the reason God created the entire universe is because He wanted a family, and that family is the only thing that will last forever with Him. Everything else on this planet is temporary, no matter how much attention it gets... in God's eyes, and in the perspective of His eternal purposes, what you are doing will actually last longer than what any political leader will do... While no nation lasts forever, God's family will. Remember, prominence and significance is not synonymous."

With that I leave this issue in your hands, trusting that you will enjoy reading each page.