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Intimacy in the Garden of Our Hearts

We have come to know that in order for a believer to live an abundant, fruitful, and fulfilled life, where the BLESSING influences and dominates every area of their lives, there must be a true sense of belonging. This sense is a confident knowing that we are vitally connected to Jesus and His love and life is flowing through our veins. So let's focus on the intimacy we experience in our hearts with the Lord and the fruit it produces in our souls - the gardens of our hearts.

The truth about God and His ways that we agree with and mediate on, He personally takes, by His Holy Spirit, and makes it alive in us. Just like at conception, when the Word (which is the incorruptible seed of God), is planted into the soil of our minds - life takes place! We can actually feel the moment that Word of truth becomes a part of us. When that piece of God (because God is His Word), becomes part of who we are, something very real, intimate and special happens. Just think about the times you read or have heard something in His Word that touched your heart. You didn't just agree with it, you actually had an 'eureka' moment, when it became more than just a though or idea, it became truth to you - and you actually felt it lodge into your heart and mind. At that moment there was a spark that felt like pure joy and excitement inside of you. That Word just became part of you! The more you meditated on it, the more that feeling grew and you began to feel on top of the world! You knew that truth had changed something inside of you, something no one can ever take from you, unless you allow them to. That my dear reader, is intimacy with the Lord, and it's what marks the significant difference between religion, and a relationship with God. It has another name too - faith.

Now, that intimacy we experience isn't just limited to reading His Word or hearing His principles being spoken, it happens anytime we spend time meditating on Him, or speaking to Him. Or when we get lost in worship, completely overwhelmed by the words we sing, because they lead us to that place where we are standing face to face with Him, gazing into His mercy and loving kindness. And being intimate with the Lord in our hearts always produces abundant, lush gardens in our minds. Gardens that bear fruit that resemble the seeds of truth they came from.