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Do you have a favourite clothing outfit? Lyric loves wearing her yellow summer dress that Mom bought her for Christmas and my favourite thing to wear is my blue Superman T-shirt. When I first received it I wore it everywhere we went and everyone complimented me on how great it looked on me. I felt so proud of my T-shirt.

But one day something terrible happened. While we were eating I spilt tomato sauce all over it. Mom quickly put it in the wash and tried her best to clean it. Unfortunately, my T-shirt was never the same again. It had a big ugly stain all over it. We tried many different things to get it clean again, but nothing helped. Then one day while Mom and I were watching television we saw a TV advert for a washing liquid that could remove any form of stain, no matter how bad. We were a bit suspicious about the product, but Mom thought it was a good idea to give it a try. You'll never guess what happened next? That's right, my T-shirt was completely stain free. I was so happy. I could finally wear my favourite T-shirt again, without being embarrassed of the ugly stain.

It made me realize that we are a lot like my T-shirt. We become stained and dirty because of our ugly sin. We try all sorts of different things to try and fix our problems ourselves, but nothing works. You see Jesus is like that washing detergent. He is able to wash and cleanse even the ugliest stain in our lives, if we only allow Him to. He wants to wash us and make us like new again.