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Why Internet Porn is a Bigger Risk than You Think

One of the areas where the online world continues to grow is pornography. But as younger viewers are seeing more and more explicit and violent images, new research may finally make young men re-think their habits. Today, men under the age of 40 account for 25% of all erectile dysfunction patients - and the number is rising. It's becoming more and more clear that pornography is the reason.

A new BBC documentary "Brought Up on Porn" blames Internet pornography. The film features Angela Gregory - a psychosexual therapist at the Chandos Clinic at Nottingham University Hospital. Her research concludes that watching Internet porn desensitizes young men to the point that during "normal" sex they're unable to become stimulated.

And if that's not enough, she discovered that porn viewers grow increasingly unsatisfied with what they're watching - which means they must graduate to higher levels of graphic sexual violence. Talk about addiction...

The good news is that it can be fixed, but it takes months to recover. But the unquestionable truth is that it's time to realize the damage of pornography and shut it down.