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Whatever You Want to be: Start Acting Like It

Whatever you want to be in life - novelist, filmmaker, artist, pastor, leader, whatever - there's one piece of advice I'd give you: Start acting like it. Too many people spend years waiting for their opportunity, while successful people step out and do it now. Sure you may not have funding in place, school isn't finished, you haven't left your day job, or haven't picked the right project. But I've discovered that everything changes when you start the interior process of being that person.

Is it a lie? Absolutely not. After all, what makes you a novelist, filmmaker, or anything else? There's no certificate needed, and you certainly don't need a license. You just need to start thinking like one. And when you do, here's what happens:


   • Suddenly you stop daydreaming and start doing.
   • You change your priorities.
   • Your confidence grows, and you become less afraid to network and find mentors.
   • You get serious.
   • Other people notice the change and begin taking your dream more seriously.


There's nothing magic about it - it's just an attitude change that impacts everything and everyone around you. Whatever it is you want to be, stop hiding, lose the fear, embrace the role, and flip the switch. You're now a writer, filmmaker, pastor, leader, musician, artist, or whoever.

So start acting like it...