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Light and Darkness

While spending time with the Lord early this morning at the beginning of a New Year I was reading from The Book of Genesis 1:4(NKJV) it says "And God saw the light, that it was good; and God divided the light from the darkness." As we look into the year of 2016 many of us will be anxious, maybe a little bit apprehensive and even fearful at what the year holds for us. We need direction and that is why I believe that this particular scripture is so important for us to do the right thing. The Lord saw the light and He said it was good so He divided the light from darkness. Light reveals eternal things, and therefore you and I we need to walk in the light because then we can see clearly where we're going. Anything that is not of God we need to keep far away from because we will surely be tripped up and fall into a bottomless pit. You see when we walk in the light through the light of the Holy Spirit then we see sin in its true colours and if we want to really see into the future we will see it by reading The Word of God which is literally "a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our paths" (Psalm 119:105, NKJV).

You must remember that light and darkness do not meet, they have no communion with each other, and therefore we too as sons of God cannot mix with darkness at all. So we pray as followers of Jesus that this year we will do no more guessing and hoping for the best as it were because we are living in perilous times and we cannot afford to take any more chances. It must be yay and amen or not at all. If God is not going to do it we must not pursue a road which leads into darkness.

Do you remember Moses said to God that unless God goes with him he is not going at all? Many of us believers especially those of us who have been walking with Jesus for a season, we start guessing and thinking that it is what the Lord would want and it doesn't always mean that at all. We need to be very sure that whatever decisions we make this year whether it is going into business, whether it is agreeing to a marriage, whether it is to immigrate or remain we need to get confirmation through His Word and walk in the light, and then we will start to progress. We do not have time to take the wrong turning in life and to go down a road that we think is the right one only to find out that it is a cul-de-sac and it comes to a dead end. We then have to do an about turn, go back to where we started and commence our journey once again. I stress, my dear friend, that we do not have that time left in this world anymore.

May God bless you as this year you make a decision to walk in the light with Jesus.