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Chad le Clos' biography is a true inspiration and come highly recommended to sport enthusiasts, young swimmers (any sport, really), and even those who simply enjoy a good inspirational story.

In today's society there is a real need for "real heroes", those to who a younger generation can look at as role models. Sadly, far too many sport heroes and celebrities have betrayed that trust.Not so for Chad le Clos. Here is a young achiever that truly presents values and vision anyone can strive after. Chad writes, "I may still be young, but I have already learnt two invaluable lessons that have stood me in good stead thus far. Firstly, never give up your dreams and your goals. My family has taught me this. No matter who your competition is or who you are racing against, always finish confidently and believe in yourself"; and this written at the young age of 20! This is a no-nonsense biography that tells of an incredible journey, the support of family, the encouragement of a coach and the camaraderie forged in healthy friendships. This is a good read that leaves one satisfied.