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From the Editor

The time is here - the final month of the year. I have always found it quite appropriate that we are able to end our year with a celebration of God. Debates and arguments aside of whether or not Jesus was actually born on the 25th of December, I still believe in the value of Christmas. I understand that the value I place on Christmas is totally different from, for instance, a storeowner or toy manufacturer!

The value of Christmas doesn't lie in the date, but rather in what that date represents. We can celebrate the goodness of God and greet one another with a heartfelt "Merry Christmas!" This is the time where we remember the sacrificial and unconditional love of a Father sending His Son to earth, and a time when we can join angel choirs proclaiming peace has come.

There are many people who refuse to hand out presents, have a Christmas tree or do anything they consider is a commercialization of Christ's birth. In our home we choose to give presents to one another, not because it is "the thing to do" but because we consider ourselves to be the hands of God. Amazingly God chose to use us for His glory, to spread good news throughout the world through our mouths, and to touch the broken-hearted through our hands! We are His feet, hands, touch, grace and love to all people around us. Handing out gifts at Christmas is simply an extension of this. We surround ourselves with all kinds of decorations (including fake pine trees), good food, and intimate family times filled with laughter and joy. Not only do these express our joy at life, but it also celebrates the joy of God.

Christmas is not about us, but it is about Christ. The 'merry' in our greeting is not about a drunken party, but it is about the joy of the Lord that is our strength!

So, may I wish you and your family a blessed and merry Christmas, as you celebrate the goodness of God. May you come to see this Christmas, and all the Christmasses yet to come, that you are important to God, and that you have a significant part to play in His purpose for this earth.

May you become the love, joy and peace to a world that is desperately seeking salvation. May you experience His joy this December!